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  1. Farmington Hills is a fairly affluent city in Oakland County, near Detroit.
  2. Now, many add, they don't like China's messier, less affluent cities.
  3. Castle Pines is one of the most affluent cities in the United States.
  4. Such transfers can help shrink the divides between affluent cities and impoverished provinces.
  5. Home Depot is targeting large metropolitan areas and affluent cities.
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  7. However, they also come to a smaller media market and a less affluent city.
  8. Those who arrived later were denied the right to stay in this affluent city.
  9. The small, affluent city-state has to import much of its water from neighboring Malaysia.
  10. "' H鴕sholm "'is an affluent city on the 豶esund coast approximately north of Copenhagen, Denmark.
  11. A few more affluent cities in developing countries have adopted the latest traffic management technology.
  12. Colmar is an affluent city whose primary economic strength lies in the flourishing tourist industry.
  13. The clinics'patients, largely affluent city dwellers, can afford to pay $ 25, 000 or more.
  14. Panzhihua is Sichuan Province's top exporter, its biggest coal producer, and its most affluent city.
  15. Markets in the affluent city-state were growing increasingly susceptible to the regional economic turmoil, traders said.
  16. Troitsk was the most affluent city in European part of Russia according to taxes per capita.
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