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  1. Mistry thus grew up in affluent circumstances.
  2. For those in less affluent circumstances, " the family has to play a huge role, " said Ferriter, the social worker.
  3. Keyes traced his interest in helping the poor to his experiences of growing up in relatively affluent circumstances amid extreme poverty.
  4. For the monthly quotisation, a special tax levied to pay for defence against the Spaniards, Gillis Coignet's family was taxed at 2 guilders 10 stivers indicating that Gillis enjoyed affluent circumstances.
  5. Finally, a distinction is drawn between " learning " and " development " and it is argued that the " learning gap " cannot be closed without closing the " development gap " between poor children and children from more affluent circumstances.
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  7. It points out an unstable and uncertain situation has developed in the Asian-Pacific region since the end of the Cold War, and declares that the Japan-U . S . Security Treaty is the basis for maintaining stable and affluent circumstances in the region.
  8. Born into affluent circumstances in antebellum Lynchburg, Virginia, the son of a railroad company president, Owen suffered an almost Dickensian reversal of fortune when his family was ruined financially by the Panic of 1873 and his father died while he was still in his teens.
  9. Thus, Americans shop . " We live in such affluent circumstances and are so far above the basics, " says Pam Danziger, author of " Why People Buy Things They Don't Need " ( Dearborn, 2004 ) . " When it comes to shopping it's not because we need something; it's all about the experience.

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