affluent america in a sentence

  1. This is affluent America's high school graduation party.
  2. Is this a fashion idol for affluent America in the 90's?
  3. Affluent America and anguished America have turned against each other and are quickly marching in very different directions.
  4. If the problem is most acute in the inner cities, it also creeps into the more affluent America, wherever there is social alienation and family disintegration.
  5. Trying to survive such a setback financially and emotionally might seem impossible in today's affluent America, but many Americans did just that 70 years ago.
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  7. Along the way, they help remind us of the extravagance in increasingly affluent America, where toys languish unopened in closets and perfectly fine refrigerators are discarded to make way for trendy Sub-Zeros.
  8. Throughout his sermon, the pope returned to a central theme of his visit _ social and economic justice _ reminding affluent America not to abandon " the poor, the hungry, the homeless ."
  9. In a conversation that pops around from affluent America to disease-stricken East Africa, where as one doctor says, " hospitals are running on Band-Aids, " public health experts agree on the need for a comprehensive approach to the appearance of frightening symptoms like those connected with the Ebola virus.
  10. Affluent America is all around them, shiny and sun-drenched like a beautiful California orange, but there is something rotten at the core of this fruit . neo-realist films indict society for failing to provide for its citizens economically; " Dusty and Sweets McGee " seems to point a finger at spiritual deficit.
  11. For all the controversy it raised about some of its disclosures, that was a lovely story of what it was like to be John Cheever's daughter : Daughter of the cherished chronicler of postwar life in affluent America, where the evenings shimmered in Ossining, N . Y ., and the martinis were ice-cold, and the rages were just another word for incalculable sorrow.

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