affluences in a sentence

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  1. Here, evidently, was the source of his new affluence.
  2. The widespread affluence that no generation before you has ever known?
  3. At the same time, Filipinos here enjoy their new affluence.
  4. As a community's affluence rises, its aid declines.
  5. They didn't try to exhibit their affluence,"
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  7. Instead, affluence has reinforced existing conservative, small government values.
  8. We need to take responsibility for the affluence of our society.
  9. In addition, rising affluence has spurred the demand for imports.
  10. Thus, in times of relative affluence thin models become dominant.
  11. Still, there are some echoes here of'80s affluence.
  12. David Rockefeller looks back after decades of affluence, and influence.
  13. Great affluence, in fact, can also generate great poverty.
  14. As a result of such affluence, life expectancy has climbed.
  15. Obviously, other symbols of affluence will also be less common.
  16. Their affluence hangs like a big question mark over their credibility.
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