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  1. On Sept . 12, however, Afflitto found out that her husband was right.
  2. DANIEL AFFLITTO : Host of Patio Parties
  3. The palace is near the Palazzo d Afflitto and Palazzo del Panormita on the narrow alley that is Via Nilo.
  4. Like most Neapolitan jurists of the time, D'Afflitto focused exclusively on feudal law and on ius patrium, the indigenous Neapolitan law.
  5. On the plane, Afflitto guessed that she was pregnant with their second child, but the home pregnancy test she took that night turned out negative.
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  7. The debut release " Afflitto " became a real club hit which was translated in a No . 1 position for 9 weeks on the Belgian Dance charts.
  8. "' Francesco D'Afflitto "'( died 11 October 1593 ) was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Scala ( 1583-1593 ).
  9. The Ladies of the court express concern, but she replies that she is happy, while privately revealing her sadness " ( All'afflitto ?dolce il pianto ) ".
  10. Then there was a succession of feudal Lords : Boemondo di Tarsia from Manoppello, the De Plesciaco family from Provence, the de Tortis, Caracciolo, d'Afflitto and Pinelli families.
  11. "His was the place where everyone went, to take a swim, watch a game and hang out on the patio, " said his father, Joseph T . Afflitto.
  12. Daniel Afflitto loved to show off his large new house in Manalpan, N . J . There was the tree-trimming party, the barbecues, and over Labor Day weekend, a luau, complete with pina coladas and a hula dancer.
  13. Originally belonging to the powerful and wealthy Rufolo family who excelled in commerce ( a Landolfo Rufolo has been immortalized by Boccaccio in the Decameron ), it then passed by inheritance to other owners such as the Confalone, Muscettola and d'Afflitto.
  14. Suddenly he hears the sounds of singing coming through the woods : ( Elvira, aria : " A una fonte afflitto e solo / s'assideva un trovator " / " A troubadour sat sad and lonely by a fountain " ).
  15. A biographical sketch in a New York Times News Service article sent on Friday, Oct . 19 about a World Trade Center attack victim, Daniel Afflitto, a Cantor Fitzgerald employee known for elaborate barbecues and parties, misspelled the name of his New Jersey hometown.
  16. But Afflitto, 32, was also a hard worker, often putting in 12-hour days at Cantor Fitzgerald, which made him a partner in 1999 . On Sept . 10, Afflitto and his wife, Stacey, flew home from Santa Barbara, Calif ., after a friend's wedding.
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