afflictions in a sentence

"afflictions" in Chinese  
  1. It's an affliction that runs deep in this nation.
  2. It's the same old Clinton affliction : serial sincerity.
  3. Here are two new computer games that cater to our affliction.
  4. Youth is a self-correcting affliction, I remind myself.
  5. But there is something new and disturbing about current economic afflictions.
  6. It's difficult to find afflictions in a sentence.
  7. Nor does his writing touch at all upon his worsening affliction.
  8. Mine is the habit of early rising, a hateful affliction.
  9. Both suffer from the most humanizing of romantic afflictions, insecurity.
  10. Affliction : Paul Schrader ( " American Gigolo,"
  11. All the Rangers hope for is a cure for the affliction.
  12. But during the devastating course of " Affliction,"
  13. MOVIES-AFFLICTION _ Review of " Affliction ."
  14. MOVIES-AFFLICTION _ Review of " Affliction ."
  15. He ( the father ) is the full-blown affliction,
  16. people of Kenya, Ecuador and Peru share a common affliction.
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