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  1. This description then tells us which properties are'affine '.
  2. The affine concept of parallelism forms an equivalence relation on lines.
  3. These are categorized as " Twisted affine " diagrams.
  4. Piecewise linear functions may be defined on affine linear functions .)
  5. Curvature and torsion are the main invariants of an affine connection.
  6. It's difficult to find affining in a sentence.
  7. There is a distinguished derivation of the affine Lie algebra defined by
  8. Examples include linear transformations and affine transformations, rotations, matrices.
  9. where \ cdot is the affine action of the Weyl group.
  10. As usual, the affine construction then glues to arbitrary varieties.
  11. This is an example of non-linear affine transformation ).
  12. The Bolza surface is the smooth completion of the affine curve.
  13. The special affine group is a subgroup of the affine group.
  14. The special affine group is a subgroup of the affine group.
  15. We let the affine line play the role of the interval.
  16. My first question is, does this cover all affine operations?
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