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  1. In each affine coordinate domain the coordinate vector fields form a web.
  2. Therefore, barycentric and affine coordinates are almost equivalent.
  3. In most applications, affine coordinates are preferred, as involving less coordinates that are independent.
  4. There is a unique affine structure on this maximal spectrum that is compatible with the filtration on the affine coordinate ring.
  5. In affine coordinates, which include Cartesian coordinates in Euclidean spaces, each output coordinate of an affine map is a translation.
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  7. For defining a " polynomial function over the affine space ", one has to choose an affine coordinate system.
  8. A commonly used method for carrying out the embedding in this case involves expanding the set of affine coordinates and working in a more general " algebra ".
  9. Basis vectors that are the same at all points are "'global bases "', and can be associated only with linear or affine coordinate systems.
  10. I thought that may be the scalar represents the point in affine coordinates, but what exactly does it mean to multiply and divide two points in the projective line?
  11. The total degree defines also a graduation, but it depends on the choice of coordinates, as a change of affine coordinates may map indeterminates on non-homogeneous polynomials.
  12. In Euclidean geometry, Cartesian coordinates are affine coordinates relative to an "'orthonormal frame "', that is an affine frame such that is an orthonormal basis.
  13. As a change of affine coordinates may be expressed by linear functions ( more precisely affine functions ) of the coordinates, this definition is independent of a particular choice of coordinates.
  14. The most important case of affine coordinates in Euclidean spaces is real-valued Cartesian coordinate system . rectangular, and others are referred to as "'oblique " '.
  15. We may define the function field of " V " to be the field of fractions of the affine coordinate ring of any open affine subset, since all such subsets are dense.
  16. If T is linear the coordinate system Z ^ i will be called an "'affine coordinate system "', otherwise Z ^ i is called a "'curvilinear coordinate system "'
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