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  1. An important affective forecasting bias related to projection bias is personality neglect.
  2. Their results indicate that some participants misinterpreted specific questions in affective forecasting testing.
  3. Contrarily, accurate affective forecasting can also promote the region-beta paradox.
  4. Affective forecasting, otherwise known as intuition or the prediction of emotion, also impacts attitude change.
  5. Another problem that can arise with affective forecasting is that people tend to misremember their past predictions.
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  7. Such findings help explain human error in affective forecasting  people's ability to predict their future emotional states.
  8. Newer and conflicting evidence suggests that intensity bias in affective forecasting may not be as strong as previous research indicates.
  9. Some researchers suggest that loss aversion is in itself an affective forecasting error, since people often overestimate the impact of future losses.
  10. Five studies, including a meta-analysis recovers evidence that overestimation in affective forecasting is partly due to the methodology of past research.
  11. Researchers suggest affective forecasting, the ability to predict your own emotions, is poor because people tend to overestimate how much they will regret their errors.
  12. In the present phase of affective forecasting, forecasters bring to mind a mental representation of the future event and predict how they will respond emotionally to it.
  13. Another important affective forecasting bias is fading affect bias, in which the emotions associated with unpleasant memories fade more quickly than the emotion associated with positive events.
  14. In a study conducted by Quoidbach and Dunn, students predictions of their feelings about future exam scores were used to measure affective forecasting errors related to personality.
  15. Decisions made with a time delay  intertemporal choice  tend to involve different weights on outcomes depending on their delay, involving hyperbolic discounting and affective forecasting.
  16. He is the Edgar Pierce Professor of Psychology at Harvard University, and is known for his research with Timothy Wilson of the University of Virginia on affective forecasting.
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