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  1. Amputation of the affected limb ( s ) may be necessary.
  2. Symptoms of this complication include pain or reduced sensation in the affected limb.
  3. Other symptoms include weakness, numbness, paralysis, pain in the affected limb.
  4. In a severe case the affected limb can be elevated and administered diuretic medications.
  5. The affected limb usually lands toe-first, wearing down that foot faster than the other.
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  7. An orthosis is a wearable device that acts in parallel to the affected limb.
  8. Early treatment is essential to keep the affected limb viable.
  9. It is characterized by sudden severe pain, swelling, cyanosis and edema of the affected limb.
  10. A flexion test of an affected limb often produces a temporary worsening of the lameness.
  11. The use of the affected limb is called shaping.
  12. Blistering occurs at the site of the bite, developing along the affected limb in severe cases.
  13. It can be sufficiently severe to produce abnormal posturing of the affected limbs, particularly the thumbs.
  14. Treating osteosarcoma treatment involves aggressive surgical intervention that may lead to amputation of the affected limb.
  15. Often, local swelling peaks within 48 72 hours, involving both the affected limb and the trunk.
  16. It can cause the affected limb to swell, and cause pain and an overlying skin rash.
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