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  1. The APG III system of 2009 formally recognized the order Berberidopsidales and placed Aextoxicaceae and Berberidopsidaceae in it.
  2. However, APG II mentions the possibility of recognizing an order Berberidopsidales, which would comprise the two families Aextoxicaceae and Berberidopsidaceae.
  3. The APG system ( 1998 ) and the APG II system ( 2003 ) left the family Aextoxicaceae unplaced in the core eudicots.
  4. The family Aextoxicaceae is a monotypic family native to Chile; Berberidopsidaceae is a family of 2 genera and 3 species native to Chile and eastern Australia.
  5. According to Takhtajan, the following endemic or subendemic to this kingdom : Thyrsopteridaceae, Lactoridaceae, Gomortegaceae, Hectorellaceae ( " Hectorella " ), Halophytaceae, Malesherbiaceae, Francoaceae, Aextoxicaceae, Vivianiaceae, Misodendraceae, Tribelaceae, Griseliniaceae
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