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  1. On 13 April 2012, the newer G550 AEWs officially took over duty from the former.
  2. Change in the African easterly jet and AEWs are coupled to a northward shift and amplification of convective activity.
  3. The synoptic concurrence of AEWs in driving the dynamics of the Sahel greening also appears to increase tropical cyclogeneses over the North Atlantic.
  4. Moreover, positional shifts in the African easterly jet and African easterly waves ( AEWs ) accompanied the northward migration of the Sahel rainband.
  5. The school is made up of the school board, the trainee principal, the principal mentor / administrator, the European teachers, the Aboriginal Education Workers ( AEWs ), and specialist teachers.
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  7. A 2011 study analyzing one of the main sources of hurricanes-the African easterly wave ( AEW )-found that the change in AEWs is closely linked to increased activity of intense hurricanes in the North Atlantic.

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