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  1. Fans have told him to perform in a more aesthetic fashion.
  2. Yet some of his most trenchant observations concern larger aesthetic questions.
  3. Attitude is prior to act, aesthetics are prior to morality.
  4. "It's a modern aesthetic, not traditional.
  5. Her mission, however, is not driven by aesthetics alone.
  6. It's difficult to find aesthetic in a sentence.
  7. Aesthetics : The innovative Stable Air certainly lives up to name.
  8. However, the Trojans don't rate games on aesthetics.
  9. Or is fewer people just an aesthetic preference of the West?
  10. A guy like Woo likes to explore the aesthetics of violence,
  11. And he feels a need to connect with his aesthetic heritage.
  12. The link, of course, is less aesthetic than commercial.
  13. Beyond heat, there's the aesthetic issue of smell.
  14. The winners were selected on aesthetic grounds, and not effectiveness.
  15. There is also an economic bonus beyond the romance and aesthetics.
  16. They learn about art history, aesthetics and ways to critique.
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