aerospace standards in a sentence

  1. "By aerospace standards, that's nothing, " he said.
  2. ECi certified its Quality Management System to the ISO 9001 : 2000 international standard and AS9100 aerospace standard.
  3. The regulated aerospace standard was formerly called " AECMA Simplified English ", because AECMA originally created the standard in the 1980s.
  4. The US government s Plain English lacks the strict vocabulary restrictions of the aerospace standard, but represents an attempt at a more general writing standard.
  5. Originally parts were made compliant to the specification MIL-F-5509, but they are now controlled under SAE AS ( Aerospace Standards ) specifications AS4841 through AS4843 and AS4975.
  6. It's difficult to find aerospace standards in a sentence.
  7. Many organizations publish more specific standards for the manufacture of aluminium alloy, including the Society of Automotive Engineers standards organization, specifically its aerospace standards subgroups, and ASTM International.
  8. AIA also develops the manufacturing standards called National Aerospace Standards which are available to aerospace manufacturers that conform to United States Military Standard's for equipment manufacturing and provide standards for other various components.
  9. Today APF, with its state of the art facilities, can undertake production of different types of avionics as well as commercial electronics equipment while ensuring high quality standards as per requirements of Aerospace Standard AS9100 Rev C.
  10. Studies have also shown benefits in improved productivity levels due to lower development costs, the ability to manufacture large scale volumes, lower tooling costs, and no waiting on parts to begin composite parts to be rapidly manufactured and cured to aerospace standards without an autoclave.

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