aerospace research in a sentence

  1. Through the 1950s the Sperry Corporation conducted aerospace research at the airport.
  2. The governor will tour the Italian Aerospace Research Center during the visit.
  3. This award will ensure California continues to lead the world in aerospace research,
  4. It cited an official of a Shanghai aerospace research center.
  5. During the following sixteen years, its name was changed to the Aerospace Research Laboratories.
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  7. San Francisco is marking the month with events ranging from Ethiopian art to aerospace research.
  8. Freeman graduated from both the Air Force's Experimental Test Pilot and Aerospace Research Pilot School courses.
  9. The facility also includes an aerospace research center.
  10. The top-secret project was carried out by an industry team at the forefront of aerospace research.
  11. He worked at NASA doing aerospace research.
  12. Later in 1978 he became an aerospace research pilot at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.
  13. For decades, the Human Systems Integration Division has been on the leading edge of human-centered aerospace research.
  14. "Everybody's anxious, " said Morse, who helps Brooks line up contract work for its medical aerospace research.
  15. The "'Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission "'is an space programme and for aeronautics and aerospace research.
  16. Before California's Silicon Valley became the world's hub for computer technology, it was a center for aerospace research.
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