aerospace propulsion in a sentence

  1. Aerospace Propulsion Products BV from Netherlands builds the igniter.
  2. Development works are mainly carried out by the Xi'an Aerospace Propulsion Institute.
  3. The incorporation of lightweight heat exchangers in the main thermodynamic cycles of these engines is a new feature to aerospace propulsion.
  4. The Propulsion Directorate was formed through the merger of the aerospace propulsion section at Wright Laboratory and the space propulsion section at Phillips Laboratory.
  5. Avio was able to increase internationalisation, working in the fields of design, development and manufacture of components and modules for aerospace propulsion.
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  7. During his career, Jahn worked on electrically powered spacecraft propulsion and directed several major research programs in advanced aerospace propulsion systems, in cooperation with NASA and the U . S . Air Force.
  8. In 1935, Hans von Ohain ( Germany ) started work on a similar design while completely unaware of Whittle's work . . . " " Thomas A . Ward, Aerospace Propulsion Systems, 2010 page xiv

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