aerospace program in a sentence

  1. Heath used to be involved with a number of Lockheed's aerospace programs.
  2. The centerpiece of Japan's aerospace program, the H2-A can carry a 4-ton satellite.
  3. Those mishaps have cost billions of dollars and thrown the entire aerospace program into doubt.
  4. Those mishaps have thrown the entire aerospace program into doubt and cost billions of dollars.
  5. The centerpiece of Japan's aerospace program, the rocket is designed to carry a 4-ton satellite.
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  7. Like in any aerospace program, your future contracts rely on the success of your past programs,
  8. After leaving NASA Myers returned to private consulting, later becoming involved in the failed Kistler Aerospace program.
  9. BCIT opened a new Aerospace Technology Campus in 2007, at the gateway to Vancouver International Airport for its aerospace programs.
  10. Nissan Motor Co ., Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries wanted the information for civilian aerospace programs.
  11. In August 1967, he was assigned to the Office of Aerospace Programs in The Pentagon in Washington, D . C ..
  12. But the engineers-- the brains behind many of Boeing's aerospace programs-- are proving to be more committed and resilient than expected.
  13. He would definitely have opted for an aerospace program; however; the Allies banned courses on aeronautical engineering at German and Austrian universities.
  14. In 1959, Brandner left Europe for Egypt, where the government was recruiting German World War II scientists for their top-secret aerospace program.
  15. Martin Marietta is largely a subcontractor, supplying components like radar and fire-control systems to the prime contractors that manage aircraft and aerospace programs.
  16. Each concentration has been accredited by the Aviation Accreditation Board International, and the aerospace program as a whole has been accredited since 1992.
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