aerial bombing in a sentence

"aerial bombing" in Chinese  
  1. During World War II, the Leineschloss burnt out entirely after aerial bombings.
  2. The city's lower reaches look as if they suffered sustained aerial bombing.
  3. At Gradis, there was evidence of strafing as well as aerial bombing.
  4. Here she was subjected to aerial bombing tests conducted by the navy.
  5. They had been close to the battle or to aerial bombing.
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  7. In 1944, large proportions of B鰐tcherstra遝 were destroyed by aerial bombing.
  8. The air raids brought Iranian retaliation, which included the aerial bombing of Baghdad.
  9. The SPLM-N claimed four civilians were killed in an aerial bombing of Kormok.
  10. The aerial bombing of Tarakan increased in intensity five days before the landing.
  11. There was the usual aerial bombing and loud explosions, which continued this morning.
  12. The mural was a reaction to the aerial bombing of civilians.
  13. It was one of the deadliest aerial bombings of the Spanish Civil War.
  14. Aerial bombing will continue as well, Secretary of State Colin Powell said Wednesday.
  15. The village was then subjected to heavy shelling and aerial bombing.
  16. The soldiers on the beaches are subjected to regular aerial bombing and strafing.
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