aerial assault in a sentence

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  1. The four pilots repel a massive bombing wave and subsequent aerial assault.
  2. The NATO aerial assault on Serbia was a grave affront to the Russians.
  3. An unusual feature of " Tribes Aerial Assault " is the jetpack feature.
  4. NATO aerial assaults will have greater success as the weather improves.
  5. It wasn't enough to sustain Redman's Heisman hopes or withstand Oklahoma's aerial assault.
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  7. Here, you can get your hands on games like " Tribes-- Aerial Assault,"
  8. Offensive operations were resumed on 8 June with a final aerial assault on Kykshk.
  9. Experience teaches that aerial assaults will not reverse what has already happened in Kosovo.
  10. It was the most serious attack since Yeltsin promised Wednesday to halt the aerial assault.
  11. Of the high altitude variety, these aerial assaults included the use of radar-controlled glider bombs.
  12. The aerial assault is nearly outmatched and a herd of dinosaurs ambush Faraday's ground forces.
  13. The planned aerial assault would last for eight hours, from 08 : 00-16 : 00.
  14. Kliff Kingsbury's aerial assault on the record books heated up as the temperature dropped Saturday night.
  15. It was the most serious attac k since Yeltsin promised Wednesday to halt the aerial assault.
  16. The aerial assault involved cruise missiles launched from ships in the Gulf and the Red Sea.
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