aerial art in a sentence

  1. These conservatories focus individually on Clowning, Aerial Arts, and Contortion.
  2. Flav took the girls to an Aerial Arts Building.
  3. She became an Australian citizen and started her own aerial arts creation company, Dancing in the Air, headquartered in Sydney.
  4. Rockwell's performance experience includes singing, circus arts, dance, aerial arts, fire performance, live original music, and vocals.
  5. He has collaborated with the New York City Ballet, the Jose Limon Company, Attack Theater, Pendulum Aerial Arts, Shen Wei Dance, San Francisco Ballet, and Complexions Contemporary Ballet.
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  7. Student interest clubs that offer students the chance to train recreationally in contemporary circus arts include Cirque NouveaU : An Aerial Arts Club at Northwestern University, a club that offers ground skill workouts in partner balancing and tumbling to undergraduates.
  8. "I know people who are lovely on the trapeze who can't do a pull-up, " because trapeze requires different muscle use, said Cathy Gauch, of Aircat Aerial Arts, which is now performing in Gaum.
  9. These include Omnibus Clapham ( a multipurpose music and arts centre ), Yaram Arts ( promoters of African music, art and cultural heritage ), Hangar Arts Trust ( a centre for circus, acrobatic and aerial arts ) and Snow-Camp ( a charity that uses snow sports to support inner city young people ).

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