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  1. Some were also fitted with ASV radar aerial arrays on either side of the rear fuselage.
  2. A remotely controlled switching tower was used for connecting any transmitter to any aerial array ( antenna ).
  3. The aerial array was to be mounted on the Kumbach stand as used in the Egerland Flak set.
  4. The Lorenz obtained a sharper beam than could be created by an aerial array by having two lobes of signal.
  5. A directional aerial array was used to avoid wasting power over the English Channel and to enhance the signal to the east and west.
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  7. After dark, more missiles and bombs hammered Yugoslav military targets in what Bacon called a " large " assault from an aerial array that included B-52s and F-117 stealth fighters.
  8. Finally, in 1983, the Unit closed; for some years thereafter its elaborate aerial array became a mystifying gate-guardian at the entrance of RAF Stornoway, which itself closed down in 1997, the airfield and all its facilities being handed over to civilian control.

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