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  1. It is visible from aerial archaeology near William's Copse.
  2. He is also known for his pioneering work in aerial archaeology.
  3. A section is visible from aerial archaeology near William's Copse.
  4. The villa site was identified by aerial archaeology in 1934 and excavated in 1935.
  5. Most causewayed enclosures have been ploughed away in the intervening millennia and are recognized through aerial archaeology.
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  7. Along the main street, aerial archaeology has revealed a number of narrow, rectangular strip buildings.
  8. In the 1976 drought, aerial archaeology found cropmarks of filled-in moats and earthworks beside Back Brook.
  9. Subsequent aerial archaeology suggests that this ditch runs from the west to the north of Stonehenge, near the avenue.
  10. Pioneers of aerial archaeology include Roger Agache in Northern France, Antoine Poidebard in Syria, Giacomo Boni in Italy.
  11. He is considered a father of the archaeological studies of this remote area, and a pioneer of aerial archaeology.
  12. Through these and other works he was keen to promote aerial archaeology, coming to be firmly identified with the technique.
  13. In 1952 he was made an honorary Doctor of Letters by the University of Cambridge for his contributions to aerial archaeology.
  14. During the Second World War aerial archaeology discovered a number of Roman and other archaeological sites in this part of Oxfordshire.
  15. Avenues are identified through their earthworks or using aerial archaeology as their parallel side features can be seen stretching over some distance.
  16. A settlement had been identified at the site through aerial archaeology by O . G . S . Crawford almost twenty years previously.
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