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  1. Garretson said he envisions a time when software will automate aerial applications.
  2. Equipment to convert the aircraft for aerial application is also available.
  3. They wanted to know who had an aerial application license,
  4. Their intention was to reduce aerial applications of pesticides.
  5. An agricultural aircraft aerial application package is also available.
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  7. Unlike 1080, it cannot be used for aerial application.
  8. Among his possessions was a computer disk with information related to the aerial application of pesticides.
  9. Aerial application accounts for just under 20 % of all applied crop protection products on commercial farms.
  10. It is accomplished by ground-based applications or via aerial application of residual chemical insecticides such as Duet.
  11. The "'Embraer EMB 202 Ipanema "'is a Brazilian agricultural aircraft used for aerial application, particularly crop dusting.
  12. The AgCarryall variant of the 185 adds a 151-gallon belly chemical tank and removable spray booms for aerial application.
  13. The new aircraft had improvements on aerodynamics, a 40 % greater capacity, and optional, modern equipment for electrostatic aerial application.
  14. Aerial application businesses are located in 44 states  all but Connecticut, Hawaii, Nevada, Rhode Island, Vermont and West Virginia.
  15. One aerial application can kill 98 % of possums and more than 90 % of rats in the targeted area.
  16. In 1945, the SwAF sold three S 6s to " Svensk Flygtj鋘st " to be used for aerial application over forest.
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