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  1. Typically, households that subscribe to cable do not have aerial antennas for receiving over-the-air signals from local broadcast stations.
  2. Before October 15, 2004, when an aerial antenna for DVB-T was mounted, it was 234.2 metres high.
  3. In addition, Buffalo residents can also pick-up stations from the neighbouring Greater Toronto Area with a suitable aerial antenna or cable subscription.
  4. The "'Treo 755p "'is a smartphone developed by Palm, Inc . It was released on May 15, 2007 as the first CDMA Treo without an aerial antenna.
  5. According to Charles Heyman of " Jane's World Armies, " the signals intelligence observed at the shelter was from an aerial antenna that was connected to a communications center some away.
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  7. And in the case of densely settled urban areas with high-rise buildings, like Manhattan, over-the-air signals of some weaker stations can be difficult to receive even with an aerial antenna.
  8. The draft outline as an enactment of the digital technology in the television broadcast is intended to provide greater number of channels, better screen resolution and stereo sounds through a conventional aerial antenna instead of a satellite or cable TV service.

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