aerial ambulance in a sentence

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  1. An aerial ambulance flew him to Britain, where underwent a series of operations.
  2. As an aerial ambulance it could carry 31 stretchers and four medical attendants.
  3. Establishing a hospital in Longreach, he often used his aircraft as an aerial ambulance.
  4. The aircraft was intended for three different roles; transport, parachute transport and aerial ambulance.
  5. He started an aerial ambulance rescue service which grew into the Northern Territory Aerial Medical Service.
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  7. These aerial ambulances flew constantly, and many Paraguayan soldiers were evacuated by air during the war.
  8. One of Mrs . Hawthorne's daughters, who celebrated her 14th birthday Wednesday, was standing beside her mother when the bomb went off, said Ralph McDaniel, manager of LifeFlight aerial ambulance service.
  9. The Rescue Service was able to broaden its operations when, in March 1998, an additional base was set up at the Queensland Ambulance Service ( QAS ) Aerial Ambulance Hangar in Bundaberg, initially for a three-year trial period.
  10. Although trying to maintain his anonymity, Jim accepts a position as a pilot and finally at the scene of a train crash, his secret life is fully revealed on board the special " aerial ambulance " aircraft, when Doris and Jim are able to assist Jim's father in saving the lives of crash victims.

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