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  1. Aerial advertising planes do fly before the events over the masses of tailgaters.
  2. Aerial advertising is effective if a large target audience is gathered near the source of advertising.
  3. It offered flying lessons, passenger flights, aerial photography, stunt flying, and aerial advertising.
  4. Detractors of aerial advertising maintain it has a highly limited and ineffective scope in the age of the internet.
  5. However, safety reasons may lead local authorities to consider banning some forms of aerial advertising in populated areas.
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  7. The company aimed to carry passengers, give flying exhibitions, undertake aerial advertising, and a make general sales.
  8. Secondary distribution such as news media coverage, word of mouth and photos of aerial advertising can reach an extended audience.
  9. The previous is to illustrate that aerial advertising was big business then, and could grow into a much bigger operation.
  10. Authorities soon discovered that the plane was not a cropduster but a banner-towing aircraft owned by a Jacksonville aerial advertising firm.
  11. The T-1 was built in five versions and was used for training, crop spraying, aerial advertising and other utility roles.
  12. In the late 1960s, the American company Central Aircraft Manufacturing Company Inc . ( CAMCO ) was interested in means of aerial advertising.
  13. In October 1954, Hurricane Hazel destroyed planes parked at the airport, including one of Charles Catalano's Tiger Moth aerial advertising planes.
  14. The 2014 display was part of an ongoing project, directed by artist ISHKY ( Ben Davis ), and again involved AirSign Aerial Advertising.
  15. On Oct . 10, the newly created US Aerial Advertising Association asked a federal appeals court in Atlanta to review the FAA's decision.
  16. Due to safety, privacy, and aesthetic reasons, the ability to perform aerial advertising is regulated by local and federal entities throughout the world.
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