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  1. Through this six meter high aerial acrobatic choreography, the staging is done.
  2. He was also stationed in Europe and briefly led an aerial acrobatic team.
  3. Individually, Griffith transformed his offensive game, adding long-distance shooting skills to his aerial acrobatics.
  4. The game began with aerial acrobatics and exhilarating alley-oops, as these December duels often do.
  5. The crowd grows quiet as our six heroes perform an amazing array of aerial acrobatics.
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  7. Pilots in the Blue Angels dazzled 15 million people with their aerial acrobatics last year.
  8. One of Vergel's biggest assets aside from his aerial acrobatics is his big fighting heart.
  9. Sometimes you're mesmerized by its beauty and aerial acrobatics.
  10. It is a fast swimmer, and breaching behavior and aerial acrobatics are common with this species.
  11. Performer after performer-- creature after creature-- vaults, flies, spins and soars in some demonstration of aerial acrobatics.
  12. It emphasized aerial acrobatic flying and maneuverability.
  13. Despite the impressive aerial acrobatics, the global aviation industry is slumping, and the air show is feeling it.
  14. The course is a mogul run interrupted by two kickers, off which the skiers must perform aerial acrobatics.
  15. Capable of astounding aerial acrobatics, they can converge into a dense feathered ball equivalent to an aerial torpedo.
  16. The group gets its name from the aerial acrobatics some of these birds perform during courtship or territorial flights.
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