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  1. Older aerators often have flow rates as high as 8 gallons.
  2. Most paddlewheel aerators are electric, but some are wind powered.
  3. There are a number of different types of single glass aerators.
  4. Floating surface aerators are also powered by on-shore electricity.
  5. Hundreds of fish died with many experiencing aerator in an aquarium.
  6. It's difficult to find aerators in a sentence.
  7. Aerators are screens that attach to the ends of faucets.
  8. Remove an existing aerator by unscrewing it with channel-locking pliers.
  9. Many have an aerator, but some have flow regulators.
  10. Surface aerators may be fixed to a post or mounted on floats.
  11. You may have seen aerator shoes at garden centers or in catalogs.
  12. A dirty aerator ( the shower head ) could be the cause.
  13. They believe that an aerator machine could have pierced them.
  14. An aerator spreads the water flow into many small droplets.
  15. It has two parts, the pump and the aerator.
  16. Stabilization ponds, as described here, use no aerators.
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