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  1. Of the 61 construction sites visited, 15 were found to be breeding aedes mosquitoes.
  2. The department also found aedes mosquitoes, worms and fungus in the drums of stored pickles.
  3. Such fumigations only kill adult aedes mosquitoes, failing to exterminate larva growing in stagnant water.
  4. Selangor steps up measures to combat aedes mosquitoes
  5. These telephone booths provide good breeding grounds for aedes mosquitoes as rain water gets retained in them.
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  7. He said of the 130 primary and secondary schools checked, eight were found to be breeding aedes mosquitoes.
  8. "B . malayi " is transmitted by aedes mosquitoes and is restricted to South and South East Asia.
  9. However, inland the " Culex annulirostris " is the main carrier with Aedes mosquitoes becoming active during wet seasons.
  10. KLANG, Thurs .-Five houseowners were charged today in a magistrate's court with breeding aedes mosquitoes which cause dengue fever.
  11. Dr Martin said other areas where aedes mosquitoes have been found breeding were on idle lands, playgrounds and construction sites.
  12. In 2009, in Argentina, a dengue outbreak was declared the northern provinces of vector ( the Aedes mosquitoes ) from reproducing.
  13. The Environment Ministry said the Aedes mosquitoes, which can carry the dengue virus, have spread to eight new areas on the island.
  14. THE persistent yearly outbreaks of dengue and dengue haemorrhagic fever inthe country suggest that perhaps, measures to combat aedes mosquitoes arefar from satisfactory.
  15. KLANG, Fri .-Development projects temporarily abandoned due to the country's economic situation are posing a threat as potential breeding grounds for aedes mosquitoes.
  16. The uncollected and discarded empty containers, tyres, plastics, or anything that can store water has unfortunately turned them into an ideal breeding ground for aedes mosquitoes.
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