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  1. The first documentation of " Aedes koreicus " becoming established outside its native range was in Belgium in 2008, marking it as an invasive species capable of being globally transported.
  2. Adult " Aedes koreicus " are relatively large, with areas of white scales on black background, strongly resembling " Aedes japonicus ", which has also become established outside its native range.
  3. ""'Aedes koreicus " "'is a mosquito species originally described from Korea that has been shown to be enzootic to Japan, northeastern China, the Republic of Korea ( South Korea ) and parts of Russia, but recently found in Belgium and Italy.
  4. "Aedes koreicus " adults feed on humans, domestic animals, and farm animals during day and night hours and have been demonstrated to be competent vectors of Japanese encephalitis virus and dog heartworm, and a potential vector of other arboviruses, and " Brugia malayi ", which causes lymphatic filariasis.
  5. "Aedes koreicus " larvae have been found breeding in artificial water collection sites such as garden ponds, water drums, manholes, buckets, flower pots, discarded tires, and other water-containing vessels, as well as in natural collection sites such as tree holes, stone cavities, road tracks, and ditches, in either clear or organics-rich water.
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