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  1. But charter advocates would like to see more evidence of innovation.
  2. But the organization says it is not advocating such an increase.
  3. -- ANTONIA PATTON, a dress-down day advocate.
  4. So do former Mayor David Dinkins and Public Advocate Mark Green.
  5. I advocate the broadening of how we look at art history,
  6. It's difficult to find advocates in a sentence.
  7. The answer, these advocates argue, is liberalized hunting policies.
  8. The Army's plans were denounced by some park advocates.
  9. The prospect of change concerns some Vietnamese and Russian refugee advocates.
  10. It enables Clinton to be more an advocate for the center.
  11. -- Allow victims to retain their own counsel or advocate.
  12. She advocates deep defense cuts, environmental protection and abortion rights.
  13. Advocates contend that the proposed prison would deter crime and recidivism.
  14. Beall is an advocate of " found theater ."
  15. Even advocates say elitism is a potential peril of charter schools.
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