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  1. Deutch was a member of Martin Marietta's advisory board.
  2. Next week's will include a advisory about partial nudity.
  3. A subscription to Freighter Space Advisory is $ 33 a year.
  4. The advisory committee had argued fiercely over the issue of condoms.
  5. He will also serve on Regeneron's scientific advisory board.
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  7. See Advisory Committee's Introduction, supra, at 771.
  8. Westling, Advisory Opinions and the " Constitutionally Required"
  9. His current role is strictly advisory; the accountability is minimal.
  10. He also sits on the club's membership advisory committee.
  11. He was also on the advisory board of Manufacturers Hanover Trust.
  12. Thompson is on the Lottery Commission's Bingo Advisory Committee.
  13. I testified last January before the USDA Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee,
  14. Gartner provides market research and advisory services to information technology executives.
  15. He and the advisory board of Ithaca Hours have big plans.
  16. She is on the senior advisory board of the Arthritis Foundation.
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