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  1. He has served on advisory boards of several prestigious American academic institutions.
  2. He is also a member of the advisory boards of Industri Kapital.
  3. Gov . Weld even appointed Finch to a state housing advisory board.
  4. Sources : California Fig Advisory Board and California Fresh Fig Growers Association
  5. sounding title and a slot on some presidential advisory board ( providing
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  7. Labor Secretary Elaine L . Chao is on the national advisory board.
  8. The villagers elected a community advisory board to steer the preparatory work.
  9. We have about 80 applications a year for our parent advisory board.
  10. Lieberman is one of the most active members of its advisory board.
  11. Named Martin Sorrell and Bob Mansfield to the ATP Marketing Advisory Board.
  12. The plan has won endorsement from the National Park System Advisory Board.
  13. The various advisory boards were comprised of all clergy advising the bishop.
  14. Both Black and Kissinger sat on a strategic advisory board for Trireme.
  15. A state medical advisory board later cleared him to fight again.
  16. He also served on the advisory boards of numerous research institutions.
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