advisory board company in a sentence

  1. It depends on how big the options were and how big the deals made with the advisory board companies were.
  2. He is an educator and consultant, sharing his expertise and experience for many organizations including the Advisory Board Company.
  3. By 2009, The Advisory Board Company had opened its doors in San Francisco, marking the fourth U . S . office.
  4. In 2012, The Advisory Board Company acquired ActiveStrategy, a performance improvement technology firm, and 360Fresh, a leading provider of clinical data analytics.
  5. It is published by the Advisory Board Company from its headquarters in Washington, DC . It was previously under the auspices of " National Journal ".
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  7. "' The Advisory Board Company "'is a best practices firm that uses a combination of research, technology, and consulting to improve the performance of health care organizations and educational institutions.
  8. Zients was the chairman ( 2001 2004 ), chief executive officer ( 1998 2000 ), and chief operating officer ( 1996 1998 ) of the Advisory Board Company and former chairman ( 2000 2001 ) of the multimillionaires.
  9. "' Sanju K . Bansal "'is an American businessman, Indian born, and the co-founder of MicroStrategy ( NASDAQ : MSTR ), a worldwide provider of enterprise software platforms for business intelligence ( BI ), mobile software, big data and NYSE : CSRA ), a technology services provider to the US government, Cvent ( NYSE : CVT ), a cloud-based event management software provider, and The Advisory Board Company ( NASDAQ : ABCO ), a technology research services company.

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