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  1. Southerly winds are transporting associated moisture northward and across the advisory area.
  2. Strong gusty winds and mud slides are also expected over the advisory area.
  3. Around two inches of rain have accumulated in some sectors across the advisory area.
  4. Civil Defense reported persistent rains across the advisory area.
  5. "He will make a significant contribution to the development of this new business which we see augmenting the firm's leadership positions in a number of other financing and advisory areas,"
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  7. Motorists and pedestrians in or passing through the advisory area the rest of this afternoon through this evening should avoid crossing flooded roads and allow extra time to reach your destinations.
  8. "We are also investing in our core areas and we are planning to launch a new product, Reuter's Knowledge, for the research and advisory areas of investment banks, " said Yvonne Diaz, a spokeswoman for the information group.
  9. George Kieffer, former chair of the appointed Charter Commission, said he and his staff didn't see a groundswell of support for boroughs three years ago, and instead saw advisory area planning commissions as the vehicle for more responsive local government.

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