advertised in a sentence

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  1. The Brazilians were, as advertised, magicians in short pants.
  2. That advertising sales operation could have an awful lot of effectiveness.
  3. The basic TV advertising for " True Lies,"
  4. Its latest advertising campaign says simply : " Great Drama.
  5. -- Don't base any opinion solely on advertising.
  6. It's difficult to find advertised in a sentence.
  7. Overall, industry representatives say, their advertising has been successful.
  8. The cartoon character is also used to advertise some IBM products.
  9. There is $ 10 billion a year spent on food advertising.
  10. We did not go out and advertise what cars we wanted,
  11. Gerry Donnelly, the division's advertising manager, said.
  12. The second hit came in the poster to advertise the film.
  13. In 1947, he joined Compton Advertising as an account executive.
  14. Well, the only thing that died was honesty in advertising.
  15. You buy products that are advertised on TV during sports telecasts.
  16. Hawkins theorizes that a stronger advertising campaign would benefit all parties.
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