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  1. This practice protects us against inadvertent ( or advertent ! ) reintroduction.
  2. Although restrained eaters'weight satisfaction was not significantly affected by either media exposure condition, advertent ( but not inadvertent ) media exposure triggered restrained eaters'eating.
  3. He suffered from mis-advertent administration of drugs while in jail, but reportedly officially forgave the British surgeon in charge when the latter apologized ( autobiography-Kashtokalpito ).
  4. Statistics gleaned from the devices in 1998, for instance, shed light on the advertent activation of airbags in the Pontiac Sunbird and Chevrolet Cavalier, resulting in the recall of about 862, 000 vehicles.
  5. Another research directed by Boyce and Kuijer was focusing on media body ideal images triggers food intake among restrained eaters based on ELM . Their hypotheses were based on restraint theory and the ELM . From the research, they found participants'attention ( advertent / inadvertent ) toward the images was manipulated.
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  7. He still didn't feel right, and the possibilities of someone banging his head into the boards or slam-dunking him headfirst onto the ice or his receiving a crack over the helmet with an inadvertent, or even advertent, stick had persuaded LaFontaine and the doctors to send him to the sidelines.
  8. :: You could be right there, although it seems reasonable to me that the WP angels could code the site to detect & block acts of inadvertent ( or blatantly advertent ) data-mining-" 100 hits from the same IP in thrity seconds ? ( harsh whistle ) TIME OUT ! ! ! "-- RevWaldo 19 : 42, 8 February 2006 ( UTC)

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