advertcity in a sentence

  1. VoxelStorm has developed and released a handful of games, most nostably AdvertCity and sphereFACE.
  2. AdvertCity was submitted to Steam Greenlight during its Kickstarter in 2014 and was eventually greenlit after an unusually long delay in April 2015.
  3. AdvertCity entered a period of closed beta testing during development after its kickstarter; the final release was announced on 17 April 2015, and by June it had appeared on Steam and several other stores.
  4. The game also drew praise for its high-performing engine, which enables the game to run on previous-generation hardware; the minimum system requirements for CPU on Steam are stated simply as " Anything made since 2004 " and the game supports Windows XP despite Microsoft having discontinued support for that operating system before development of AdvertCity began.
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