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  1. People who place adverts have vested interests in selling the product.
  2. Furthermore, adverts for the single featured the Spacemen 3 logo.
  3. In contrast, Gaye Advert's reputation was more fleeting.
  4. The marketing campaign combined outdoor, cinema, and print adverts.
  5. Also in 1998, the pair voiced adverts for Churchill Insurance.
  6. It's difficult to find advert in a sentence.
  7. The last'Tipps family'advert was broadcast in 2002.
  8. The advert itself was created by Oscar Grillo at Klacto Animations.
  9. Both of these areas were featured in an advert for ScotRail.
  10. Gold Hill also featured in a recent advert for supermarket Morrisons.
  11. I did not intend for it to read like an advert.
  12. Over the years, different dogs have appeared in the adverts.
  13. Another of the 1996 adverts showed him winning a football match.
  14. Vanity articles / adverts for a teaching method and teaching materials.
  15. The advert is included in the video version of Divine Madness.
  16. Imperial Leather adverts have previously featured Julie Walters and Paul Merton.
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