adversest in a sentence

"adversest" in Chinese  
  1. They shot in adverse conditions that frequently resembled a war zone.
  2. Barry concluded that many serious adverse reactions were dose-related.
  3. None of the adverse reactions cited are new, Spoon says.
  4. The resolution of these matters could have a materially adverse impact.
  5. Let adverse facts stand in the way of a good decision.
  6. It's difficult to find adversest in a sentence.
  7. They have responsibility for that customer, even under adverse conditions.
  8. Tell the doctor about any previous adverse reactions to an antibiotic.
  9. That would be very adverse, to not get the win.
  10. "I'm not adverse to speaking my mind.
  11. Other big Burnett clients had no adverse reactions to the upheaval.
  12. There is no room to absorb budgetary slippage or adverse events.
  13. The situation might " have an adverse effect,"
  14. But the INS, evidently fearing adverse publicity, thought again.
  15. Adverse reaction to parasites include pain that mimics appendicitis and ulcers.
  16. No one is sure yet how often these adverse effects develop.
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