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  1. The problem has adversely affected profit for at least two years.
  2. Earnings were adversely affected by standstills in the solid board business.
  3. Earnings were adversely affected by standstill in the solid board business.
  4. The residential sector will be adversely affected by higher mortgage rates,
  5. Most of what could adversely affect hunting season has already happened.
  6. It's difficult to find adversely in a sentence.
  7. This policy adversely affects U . S . exports to Indonesia,
  8. They said the unsuccessful takeover would not adversely affect either company.
  9. Hundreds of billions of dollars of commerce could be adversely affected.
  10. Or supplements may interact adversely with other drugs or worsen disorders.
  11. They can adversely affect American goods and services around the world,
  12. Even sperm might be adversely affected, a rat study indicated.
  13. The army troops, of course, are also adversely affected.
  14. The bank said it will not adversely affect its financial condition.
  15. The Bucs know a loss might adversely affect their playoff seeding.
  16. So Brown's actions have already adversely affected the team.
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