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  1. V8 for the Adventra's all-wheel drive application.
  2. Unfortunately for Holden, the Adventra fell well short of expected sales, despite modest targets.
  3. Black plastic accents on the front and rear bumpers along with the wheel guards visually distinguished the Adventra from the Commodore.
  4. Unveiled after the Series II updates, the first application of this electronically controlled system was the Holden Adventra, a raised VY wagon crossover.
  5. Over the standard Commodore wagon, the Adventra adds a 60 / 40 split rear tailgate, additional gauges ( above the central ventilation outlets.
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  7. In 2003, the range also saw the introduction of the first Commodore-based all-wheel drive variants, including the "'Holden Adventra ( VY ) "'wagon.
  8. Based on the Holden Adventra LX8 crossover wagon, the Avalanche range also incorporated a dual-cab utility model known as the HSV Avalanche XUV . The XUV derived from the Holden Crewman Cross8.
  9. Adventra was now available in a choice of four equipment levels : SX6, CX6, LX6, and LX8, with a 3.6-litre V6 engine affording and a five-speed automatic transmission.
  10. An interim VZ Adventra appeared in August 2004 at the time of the release of the VZ Commodore range, but this was in essence the familiar VY body with VZ engine, running gear, ECU and a VZ compliance plate.
  11. Sales of the Adventra range never achieved Holden's expectations, especially in comparison to the rival Ford Territory, and it was ultimately phased out of production in 2006 to make way for the newly introduced Captiva, imported from GM Daewoo in South Korea.
  12. Production of the V8-powered Adventra ceased in December 2005, due only to the fact that Holden ceased manufacturing the Generation III power unit and did not see a strong enough business case to invest in the new 6.0-litre " Generation IV"
  13. Rumors followed that a new engine was due for release given the maximum development of the to be used, with the development of GM's new AWD saw the introduction of the Avalanche ( based on the Holden Adventra ), the XUV ( based on the Holden Crewman ), and the Coup? ( based on the Holden Monaro ).

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