adventor in a sentence

  1. Adventor and Octavius, however, were caught at the Dora Riparia and killed there.
  2. However, Maximus makes no precise geographic or temporal references regarding Solutor, Octavius, and Adventor.
  3. While the legion's leader, Saint Maurice, was killed at Agaunum, along with many other soldiers, Solutor, Adventor, and Octavius managed to escape.
  4. The codex called the " Codice della Catena " depicts Saints Octavius, Maximus of Turin, Adventor, Solutor, John the Baptist, and Secundus of Asti.
  5. According to legend, a vision of the Virgin Mary appeared in a dream to John Bosco in 1844 or 1845 and revealed the site of the martyrdom of Adventor and Octavius.
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  7. In 1006 Gezo founded the monastery of San Solutore in Turin, which was dedicated to saints Solutor, Octavius and Adventor, who were the patrons of the city of Turin.
  8. ""'Marionfyfea adventor " "'is a species of land planarian described in 2016 from specimens found in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and France . it is probably an introduced species in Europe.

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