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  1. Common adventive species include herbivorous insects.
  2. After some time, an adventive species may become Cultivated plants are a major source of adventive populations.
  3. It is estimated that 10-20 % of adventive species used in biological control programs eventually become naturalized.
  4. Species that are recorded in unexpected areas ( adventive species ) are not considered to be migratory species, because these did not leave their habitat on their own strength.
  5. As an adventive species " Boerhavia erecta " is not widely regarded as a serious weed or invasive threat; in fact its physical and pharmacological attributes suggest that it is potentially useful.
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  7. As such, " Planuncus tingitanus s . l . " refers to an adventive species, or possibly a complex of cryptic species, that has dramatically expanded its range over the southern parts of Northwestern Europe in a very short period of time during the first decades of the 21st century.
  8. In this sense, the cattle egret ( " Bubulcus ibis " ), which arrived in North America by natural range expansion, the black rat ( " Rattus rattus " ), which is believed to have arrived as a hitchhiker aboard ships, and the kudzu vine ( " Pueraria lobata " ), which was introduced deliberately by humans, are all adventive species and have established populations.

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