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  1. Vegetative propagation of plants via cuttings depends on adventitious root formation.
  2. Ethylene slows down primary and adventitious root elongation and formation.
  3. This species features very large, petiolated leaves with long adventitious roots.
  4. Sometimes it uses adventitious roots to this end.
  5. However, high concentrations of auxin inhibit root elongation and instead enhance adventitious root formation.
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  7. Adventitious roots are uncommon and possibly grow just occasionally when the stems become very long.
  8. Natural layering typically occurs when a branch touches the ground, whereupon it produces adventitious roots.
  9. The ability of plant stems to form adventitious roots is utilised in commercial propagation by cuttings.
  10. Successful establishment requires a modest amount of soil moisture during the extension and development of adventitious roots.
  11. The Tree Fern has quite adventitious roots, tubercles and hair-like follicles on its  trunk.
  12. It is a stem-rooting lily ( adventitious roots emerging above the bulb ) that also forms bulbils.
  13. This part of the article discusses adventitious roots, buds and shoots, which are very common in vascular plants.
  14. His early research dealt largely with plant anatomy and physiology; his doctoral thesis involving the adventitious roots of monocotyledons.
  15. Nymphaeaceae ( water lilies ) have reticulate veins, a single cotyledon, adventitious roots and a monocot like vascular bundle.
  16. Instead, the only part which emerges from the soil are unbranched adventitious inflorescences which are developmentally similar to adventitious roots.
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