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  1. I never saw the country from the Hogsback so advantageously ."
  2. They are playing advantageously before they know what is happening,
  3. Advantageously, these mirrors have little or zero cross-talk between actuators.
  4. And extended phenotype genes advantageously enhance their environment.
  5. Advantageously, monocular occlusion is applied before the test for at least 30 minutes.
  6. It's difficult to find advantageously in a sentence.
  7. Becoming a connoisseur of engraved glass is also advantageously simple and quick, according to Parker.
  8. So I reach into the pile, wanting to position the T-shirt more advantageously.
  9. The instrument can also be advantageously used to measure changes in the humidity of the atmosphere.
  10. Whites " could complain if the state treated them less advantageously than other groups,"
  11. Where coals are plenty and cheap, steam may be advantageously used for working the machine ."
  12. She was dismissed under administrative release item 5d : " Not Advantageously Employable Due to Homosexuality ".
  13. "There's no place that uses the Colorado River less advantageously than Yuma,"
  14. And of all cold crimes, they say, rape is among the easiest to use DNA evidence advantageously.
  15. The PPS fund itself grows tax-advantageously in that it is not subject to UK capital gains tax.
  16. Katni is advantageously situated near the central Indian coal fields and the power plants of North and Western India.
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