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  1. It also removed human rights as a future criterion to renew the advantageous trading status.
  2. Either could have run off with both piles, but that would have ended the advantageous trade.
  3. Still, the Warriors could come out ahead, since they are likely to make an advantageous trade for Sprewell.
  4. British industrialists and merchants of Britain believed that it would create a new age of mutually-advantageous trading between themselves and their French counterparts.
  5. Its advantageous trading location on the historically eponymous Bay of Jagua was used by the Cuban sugar oligarchy when a railroad was built between both cities between 1853 and 1860.
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  7. Limato, the Pelham principal, said the cards were worse than just a distraction; the older children often made advantageous trades with younger students, who would then become upset.
  8. Having wonderful relations at the political level, we understand at the same time that potentials for developing mutually advantageous trade and economic cooperation have not been tapped up to this time,
  9. "We should not lock in advantageous trade status for the brutal dictators in Beijing, who continually repress their own people and threaten their democratic neighbors, " he said.
  10. The 1994 extension was based partly on Clinton's determination China's human-rights record had improved and also removed human rights as a future consideration of whether the advantageous trading status would be renewed.
  11. The consortium will design, build and run the plant for the utility under a single contract, an approach that allows it to make advantageous trade-offs like installing automation equipment to save on operating labor and using more expensive but more efficient pumps.
  12. While playing with the Spitfires, Watson was projected to go 25th according to the International Scouting Service ( ISS ) in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, but after an advantageous trade to the Petes, he jumped in rank 11 places and was ranked 14th in April, where the NHL Central Scouting Final Ranks place him.
  13. Above all, he gave Bremen's commerce an important impulse through the foundation of Bremerhaven in 1827 and by closing advantageous trade agreements with foreign countries, through widening of consular representation, etc . In 1821 he became B黵germeister ( " mayor " ) of Bremen and he held this post & mdash; apart from the democratic period of 1849-1852 & mdash; until his death.

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