advantageous to in a sentence

"advantageous to" in Chinese  
  1. "It wouldn't be as advantageous to me.
  2. That was advantageous to us to create some space in there.
  3. Would it be more advantageous to buy _ perhaps a condominium?
  4. It is more advantageous to be with who is in power,
  5. A United-Delta alliance would be particularly advantageous to Delta.
  6. It's difficult to find advantageous to in a sentence.
  7. Thatch has some natural properties that are advantageous to its performance.
  8. This can be advantageous to a suitably cunning person or group.
  9. The Leafs'acquisition of Andy Bathgate was advantageous to Eagleson.
  10. The camouflage provided by crypsis is obviously advantageous to hibernating butterflies.
  11. However, no change advantageous to aerobic metabolism has been found.
  12. In this scenario it was advantageous to tilt the stone slightly.
  13. Sometimes it's advantageous to not be mentally tough ."
  14. It would be advantageous to have your own distribution company.
  15. This is a situation that is very advantageous to Milosevic.
  16. Our feeling was that this was advantageous to help them out now,
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