advantageous situation in a sentence

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  1. Please allow this advantageous situation to continue by respecting private property.
  2. This may also imply that one plays tightly and looks for advantageous situations.
  3. He is in an advantageous situation.
  4. There they engaged in trading with the French and local tribes, thanks to their advantageous situation regarding the alum deposits.
  5. Facing Cleveland's Bartolo Colon Friday night, the Yankees had an advantageous situation : Colon had command only of his fastball.
  6. It's difficult to find advantageous situation in a sentence.
  7. With the help of the Kittanning, from the site of Fort Armstrong ( Pennsylvania ), where the Indians had chosen an advantageous situation for their camp.
  8. The first three chapters generally describe tactics for use in advantageous situations, whereas the last three chapters contain stratagems that are more suitable for disadvantageous situations.
  9. Accidental contact that has little or no effect on play will usually be ignored; physical contact must result in an advantageous situation for the offense to be considered offensive interference.
  10. By 1796, Lynchburg contained approximately one hundred houses and was  rapidly increasing, from its advantageous situation for carrying on trade with the adjacent country according to Isaac Weld s travelogue.
  11. Valchek, realizing the advantageous situation Herc is in, laughs stating " What I wouldn't give to be in your shoes right now, kid, careers have been launched on a helluva lot less.
  12. The 9th Tank Corps participated in the offensive of the left wing of the 16th Army, the corps had the task, by 6 July 1942, to enter into the breach'Black'to exploit the advantageous situation in the direction of Oslinka, Zhizdra, and Orlya.
  13. This advantageous situation changed when the two companies were amalgamated in 1682, but the way the actors rebelled and took command of a new company in 1695 is in itself an illustration of how far their status and power had developed since 1660.

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