advantageous position in a sentence

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  1. `Morever the Put Option puts UEM in an advantageous position.
  2. We want to put our offense in an advantageous position.
  3. Spain attempted to put itself in a more advantageous position.
  4. India captured most of the advantageous positions and isolated the Pakistani forces.
  5. Turkey is located in an advantageous position in Europe for solar energy.
  6. It's difficult to find advantageous position in a sentence.
  7. They took an advantageous position on the east bank of the Biber.
  8. We are in an advantageous position as the largest company in our field.
  9. He was resolved to offer battle, but Waller held the advantageous position.
  10. The two fleets continued to push for advantageous positions.
  11. This will place ASEAN in an advantageous position as we enter the next millennium.
  12. That put Roddick and Agassi in an advantageous position for Saturday's matches.
  13. This gives the initiator of the sequence time to run into an advantageous position.
  14. When they did, the RAF fighters were almost always in an advantageous position.
  15. Despite the advantageous position that the Swedes had acquired, they were still vulnerable.
  16. That means the United States is in an unusually advantageous position to negotiate new accords.
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